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On Minimalism and Being a Digital Nomad

On Minimalism and Being a Digital Nomad

So, how do we manage to travel and lead a location-independent lifestyle? One of the keys to this journey has been making sure that we are relatively minimalist. By owning few possessions, we don't have to lug around all that many things on our journeys. Additionally, we don't spend our valuable paychecks on ...

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Co-working vs Coffeeshops

Co-working vs Coffeeshops

As a remote worker, you've got a lot of choices. Rather than the same commute to the same office or site every day, the world is yours to explore. At some point, though, you've got to sit down and actually get some work done. While it can be tempting to just cuddle up on the couch all day with your laptop, I've found that working from home like that has some serious drawbacks.

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