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How to Spend a Year in Europe Without Overstaying Your 90-Day Schengen Visa

How to Spend a Year in Europe Without Overstaying Your 90-Day Schengen Visa

We've recently been getting some questions about how we managed to stay in Europe for the last year. Neither one of us has a long-term resident visa, nor a European passport at this time (though we are in the process of applying for the Spanish long-term resident visa for next year). However, we didn't let that stop us from staying in Europe as digital nomads. So, here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your European trip if you only have a 90-day Schengen visa

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To Co-Work Or Not To Co-Work?

To Co-Work Or Not To Co-Work?

As digital nomads, we've come across a number of different potential working modalities. Some nomads swear by the coworking space and the connections and productivity that it can bring, while others are able to reap the same benefits working from home. What are our thoughts with regards to the coworking or not coworking quandary?

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Getting Around While On the Road

Getting Around While On the Road

On more than one occasion, while living in Barcelona, we have looked jealously at one of the brightly coloured red bikes whizzing past. These bicing bikes can be found all over the city, and are a fixture of Barcelona life. With high levels of bike theft, residents often choose to whiz around on these vehicles ...

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The Digital Nomad's Guide to Montevideo, Uruguay

The Digital Nomad's Guide to Montevideo, Uruguay

While not the first location on most individuals' list of places to visit, Uruguay is increasingly becoming more renown. This small, South American nation is something like the Vermont of South America. It constantly tops South American indexes due to its lack of corruption, highly democratic society, and low levels of inequality. It has legalized ...

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St Oberholz (Berlin, Germany): Coworking Space Review

St Oberholz (Berlin, Germany): Coworking Space Review

If you spend any time reading up on the tech and startup scene in Berlin, you'll undoubtedly encounter references to the St Oberholz space in Mitte — usually featuring some reference to SoundCloud, which was built here. St Oberholz contains multitudes, and encompasses a coffeeshop, coworking space, conference rooms, and apartments. They now have ...

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