Dogs of Berlin

One of the nice things about Germany was that it's generally quite dog-friendly. Dogs are welcome in many spaces where they wouldn't be allowed in the States, like indoor shopping malls and cafés. Perhaps because there are so many opportunities for German pups to practice good behavior in public, the dogs we encountered were very well-trained. Many dogs we saw went about with their humans off-leash, following very closely and quietly beside them. Expectations are high for German dogs!

That said, there were occasionally places where dogs weren't allowed, particularly grocery stores. For that, there's dog parking! Check out the adorable sign. (This is from the grocery store in the lowest level of the Karstadt, a somewhat fancy department store chain, located at the Hermannplatz U-Bahn stop. Protip for those with pets: you'll also find a pet store tucked into a corner of the department store's ground level, just up the escalators from here.)

When visiting the less upscale establishments, German dogs displayed even more impressive levels of patience. It wasn't uncommon to see dogs waiting patiently outside the doors of stores for their humans, setting off the motion detectors but not crossing the threshold. In front of an Aldi near our flat in Neukölln:

This dog wasn't going anywhere. Our Nomad Hound has some catching up to do!

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